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Номер товара: 370583074670
Продавец: consumertronicsnet (3392) 99.5% позитивных отзывов
Товар из: Albuquerque, NM, US

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Краткое описание товара

RARE NIGHT SENTRY LIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM WT-343 / WT343 w/ MANUAL, PORTABLE, Dynascan Corp. New old stock (NOS). Rare Dynascan Corporation Portable Night Sentry Light Control System, with Manual, Model WT-343. This is the 3-Way Model WT-343 / WT343 Night Sentry Controller modified into a wall outlet-type plastic box with cable, controlled output connector for easy portable use. Rare Programmable Dynascan Night Sentry Timing Switch WT343 / WT-343, with User Manual (see image), 3-Way Light Switch with built-in Solid State Timer. 120VAC, 60 Hz, 40-500W loads, incandescent lights only (i.e. resistive loads only). This is a very versatile timing switch, important features of which are: (1) 24-hour repeat cycle period. (2) Easy to program through the pushbutton switch, and can be programmed for up to 24 ON periods and 24 OFF periods. (3) Activation time during each cycle varies at least 7 minutes from the programmed time and at least 15 minutes from the previous day (critical feature because it foils potential thieves, burglars and home invaders casing your home or business; standard light timers don't vary timing so they tip-off criminals that your home or business is vacant and ripe for invasion). (4) Easily used as a simple ON/OFF switch by simply pushing the pushbutton switch once to turn light ON (or OFF) and pushing it again to turn light OFF (or ON). (5) Programming mode can be quickly and easily suspended by double-pressing the pushbutton (to re-activate programming mode, simply double-press the pushbutton again). (6) For power failures of 15 minutes or less, programming is saved. (7) Built-in light dimmer controller. Helps protect you from thefts, burglaries and home invasions. If you have ever used a Dynascan Night Sentry WT341 (WT-341) or other Dynascan Programmable Timer Switch, you know just how invaluable these Dynascan Night Sentry Timer Switches are! Why Dynascan discontinued its wonderful Night Sentry Timer series is a total mystery to us. LIMITED QUANTITY. We have only one of these to sell. Consumertronics.net welcomes you! Thank you very much for considering our Off-The-Shelf Items. We have 1,000s of handtools, power tools / electrical tools / electronic tools, test equipment / meters / gauges / testers, other mechanical devices, and specialized materials - all in stock here at our techzonics.com Online Super Store (ABQ Techzonics, Albuquerque, NM). Some of these devices and special materials originated from Lone Star Consulting, Inc. of El Paso, TX (lonestarconsultinginc.com) - legendary researchers into mind control, electronic attack and electronic harassment. Please visit our many other eBay offers. Should we not now have listed on eBay the tool, device or material you need, please email us, and if we have it to sell, we will try to list it on eBay. Should this Item be what you seek but you need it in a different quantity, please email us, and we will try to list it on eBay in the quantity you need.We are technical professionals to serve YOUR High-Tech Survival & Security needs. --- backed by 25+ Years of Top Professional Experience! --- PAYMENT, SHIPPING, GUARANTEES & OTHER POLICIES: PAYMENT: We accept payment in full by PayPal. If you wish to pay us some other way, email us before buying this Item for our explicit prior approval. We are a Verified PayPal Merchant. We treat Approved PayPal same as cash. PAYPAL LIMITATIONS: (1) No foreign PayPal over $49 without prior approval. (2) No PayPal paid for by credit card over $49 without prior approval. (3) No Unverified Address PayPal over $99 without prior approval. We reserve the right to refuse any form of payment without liability. We must receive acceptable payment within 10 days of auction close or no +fb. If the Item is to be shipped to a New Mexico address, include additional New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax, based on its current rate. Please do not overpay (due to overpayment scams, we take 3+ months to refund all overpayments greater than $99 or 10% of payment amount, whichever is less). SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Items are shipped within 4 working days of our notification or receipt of your full payment by PayPal or by Postal M.O. (PMO). For all other forms of payment, we ship within 4 working days after payment clearance; non-PayPal and non-PMO payments require 10+ days to clear. GUARANTEES: Unless otherwise explicitly forbidden by law or eBay and then only to that extent, our guarantee policies are: If our description is accurate for the Item, no refund is possible. Unless otherwise stated, only the Item itself and its parts and accessories (if any) both described and shown in the image(s) herein will be provided. If you claim that the received Item was not as described, you must specify how the Item significantly differs from our description and give us at least 15 workdays from our receipt of the returned Item to ship you the replacement or repaired Item. We often cannot test every feature of an Item, although we always power-On test electronic and mechanical equipment (but not small parts). We only guarantee the explictly described and tested electronic and mechanical functions of Items we sell - we cannot guarantee that any Item we sell will solve any particular need or problem the Buyer may have. All returned Items must be pre-cleared by email. Many Items are shipped with a uniquely numbered seal attached to them and/or marked with a special phosphorescent dye - all such Items eligible for refund must be received with intact seal and/or dye to be refunded. If the Item is described "as is" or "nonfunctional" in its description herein, no guarantee applies. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us about them prior to buying the Item. SOME OTHER POLICIES: Unless otherwise stated and excluding Items sold in quantity (e.g. small electronic parts), the image(s) is of the exact Item on sale. All Items we sell are sold for legal utility, educational and/or entertainment purposes only. We make no medical or legal claims, and we do not provide medical or legal advice or opinion. If you provide us more than one address (e.g. your eBay and PayPal shipping addresses differ), we may ship Item to any of your provided addresses without liability. COMBINED WINS! - SAVE MUCH S/H $$$!: Should you buy more than one Item from us and you pay for them all at the same time and they can all be shipped in one package, total S/H will then come to the full S/H for the Item with the highest S/H, and then only half S/H for each additional Item you buy. If we no longer list an Item on eBay we listed before (e.g. Item expired or was bought) or you need the Item in a different quantity, email us and if we still have that Item type, we will try to offer the Item again on eBay and notify you if and when relisted. However, Items do get sold out so we can't guarantee later availabilities - it is always best to buy all that you need right away. Buy all Items when they are available (instead of having to search for them later), and stock up while making one convenient money-saving and time-saving payment. If you believe that an Item we are selling is overpriced and you can document that someone else is selling that same Item on eBay for a lesser amount, then email us and we will seriously consider lowering our price. We sell such a large variety of electronic/computer/office/industrial/scientific equipment/tools/parts/supplies/materials, technical and security publications, and collector's items, so please look at our other eBay sales, including our eBay Store (when established) for other Items you need. All applicable Consumertronics.net policies are on its website. For all questions and comments, please email us. Thanks and best of successes - John J. Williams, M.S.E.E.

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